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The secret of the perfect selfie

Researchers have revealed exactly what facial features lead us to create a first impression of someone - ans say it could change the way we take selfies.

They say even in a single image such as a selfie, small changes in the dimensions of a face can make it appear more trustworthy, dominant or attractive.

For the first time researchers have now discovered the features that are associated with particular social judgements.





First impressions are created by three distinct factors:

Approachability (do they want to help or harm me?)

Dominance (can they help or harm me?)

Youthful-attractiveness (perhaps representing whether they’d be a good romantic partner - or a rival)

The new study by researchers in the Department of Psychology at the University of York shows that it is possible to accurately predict first impressions using measurements of physical features in everyday images of faces, such as those found on social media.

'Showing how these first impressions can be captured from very variable images of faces offers insight into how our brains achieve this seemingly remarkable perceptual feat,' said Professor Andy Young, of the Department of Psychology at York.

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