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Thursday’s ‘O’Reilly Factor’ Abruptly Ends 15 Minutes Early

Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Bill O’Reilly has not had a great week.

The revelation that he has settled five different sexual harassment lawsuits led to dozens upon dozens of major sponsors pulling their ad spots from his show, to the point that commercial breaks on Thursday looked radically different from those on Monday. It gets a bit weird from there, though: Thursday’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor went off the air 15 minutes early with zero warning, and with no reason given.

You can see the clip of what happened above: 45 minutes into what’s normally an hour-long show, O’Reilly finished up a panel segment by plugging a guest’s new book. At that point, he said that up next, the viewers would see a segment about a Texas town rejecting spring break vacationers, which he had been pushing throughout the entire show. Instead of a commercial break, though, the show immediately transitioned into a “BREAKING NEWS” graphic.

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