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Waitress fired after she complains about a bad tipper on Facebook

A waitress has been fired for ranting about a bad tipper on her Facebook page - not realizing that she was Facebook friends with the customer in question.

Mother-of-one Kirsten Kelly, 22, said she was stunned when she learned the 'friend' printed off her Facebook message and took it to her bosses at the Texas Roadhouse in Findlay, Ohio.

The message said, 'If you come into a restaurant and spend $50 or more, you should be able to tip appropriately for that,' Kelly told WTOL11, adding that she didn't identify the person or the place.

Still, her managers weren't happy about it.


'They told me that I knew what I was doing when I posted that, and they would have to let me go,' Kelly said. 'They were really upset.'

She explained that she had made the angry post after she left with only $60 following a busy Friday night at the restaurant.

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