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Breast controversy at Starbuck, Cop pushes man out of wheel chair and World Cup Lie Witness News!!!

Hero teen Starbucks barista gives breast feeding mother free coffee after middle-aged woman branded her 'disgusting' 

A young male barista gave a young mother a free coffee after a middle-aged woman complained about her breast feeding in Starbucks.   Julia Wykes was out in Ottawa, Canada when she popped into the multi-national coffee shop for a break. When her five-month old son started whinging, she fed him at the counter.  As the temperature was 39c, Ms Wykes said she had no intention of covering her young son while feeding him. 'I am not going to suffocate my child to save you from the potential glimpse of side-boob.'  Read more:


Shocking moment police lieutenant pushed paraplegic man out of his wheelchair for running over his foot

An Indiana police officer has been suspended without pay but gets to keep his job after video has emerged of the high-ranking cop pushing a paraplegic man out of his wheelchair after blocking him from motoring by him during a 2013 stop.    The news that Lafayette Police Department Lt. Tom Davidson gets to keep his job comes after the chief of the department revealed the the entire command staff had recommended that he be fired.   In the video, you see several police officers, including Davidson, question Nicholas Kincade on a sidewalk in Indianapolis on October 1, 2013.  

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Lie Witness News - World Cup Edition

We went out onto Hollywood Blvd and found people who claimed to be big fans of the US soccer team and asked them how they think Landon Donovan has been playing so far. If you follow soccer, you know that Landon Donovan was cut from the team in May before the World Cup even started. However that didn't stop them from weighing in on his performance in this special World Cup edition of #LieWitnessNews

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