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Clean the floor with a toothbrush, Tx School construction OUT of Control and The dog ate the ring?

Whataburger employee says she was ordered to clean the floor with a toothbrush

Whitney Clark has been overweight since she was just a young girl. And she said over the years, she’s heard a lot of fat jokes and insults, but none quite like the ones she’s heard at a Whataburger restaurant off 1960 about a mile west of Highway 59.   ”I just let it get to me because you hear it over and over and over,” she said.   Clark said the mean words came from none other than her managers at this Whataburger where she works as a cook. But what came next was something far more humiliating.   “She said we’ve got to get on our hands and knees and clean the floor with a toothbrush,” said Clark.

Tx School Construction Cost OUT OF CONTROL!!!

An analysis of new school construction costs released by the Texas Comptroller's office today shows the cost for some campuses varied by nearly $200 per square foot. And though there were different factors for the variances, Texas Comptroller Susan Combs is making policy recommendations to help school districts and taxpayers monitor construction efficiency and compare costs.   "Currently there is no required standard for reporting school construction costs, so it is extremely difficult for taxpayers to determine how their tax dollars are being spent," Combs said. "Unfortunately, we encountered numerous obstacles in our efforts to collect consistent, comparable school construction data and taxpayers are entitled to this information."   

In Public School Construction Costs, which can be found at, the Comptroller's office analyzed data from 835 new campuses opened in Texas since 2007.


If you own property in Texas, you are most likely paying property taxes to fund school construction. The Texas Comptroller's office is committed to showing the taxpayers of Texas how government is spending their money. Accordingly, our latest report explores Public School Construction Costs in Texas. Accountability, transparency and prudent fiscal policies are essential as public school districts spend funds entrusted to them by the taxpayers of their community. View the report now at

Disclaimer: Each district and charter operator reported new school construction data in response to a public information request from the Comptroller's office. For comparison purposes, the Comptroller's office adjusted the reported construction costs for inflation and for regional differences in the price of materials and labor. Each source district and charter operator was given the opportunity to verify or correct its reported data prior to publication. Reported campus data were not independently verified by the Comptroller's office.

Diamond dog coughs up missing wedding ring

A Wisconsin woman who lost her diamond wedding ring five years ago had given up all hope of finding it after searching high and low.   It turns out her mischievous dog may have had it all along.   Lois Matykowski , of Stevens Point, was eating an ice pop two weeks ago when she noticed her granddaughter's treat was gone. Her dog, Tucker, was smacking his jaws. The 10-year-old mutt the family calls the "food burglar" had struck again, swallowing it whole.   The snatched food soon came back up. Two days later, Tucker threw up again.  Matykowski tells WAOW-TV ( ) that this time when she went to clean up the mess, she found her missing ring.  Her veterinarian says the Popsicle stick may have dislodged the ring inside his belly.

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