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Columbus Day Axed, BumpFireStocks, and Millennials | October 6th, 2017

Photo by George Frey | Stringer

The Todd and Don Show hour one:

Donald Trump alarmed reported during a photo op. President Donald Trump was surrounded by military leaders when he said it was “the calm before the storm,” hinting at a change of global policy in regards to North Korea and Iran. When reporters asked what the president meant by his comments, he responded with “you’ll find out.”

Do you support @austintexasgov’s replacement of #ColumbusDay with #IndigenousPeoplesDay? The city council has made the proclamation that Christopher Columbus was a monster and does not deserve to be respected with a holiday. During debate on the topic it was pointed out that what is being taught in public schools is factually inaccurate. Vote in our twitter poll.

What you think?

"Don't be like me, Be better, " Cam Newton apologizes for his comments to a female reporter. Mansplaining. Cam Newtons was asked by Jourdan Rodrigue about his route choices. He said it was “funny” to have a female ask him that question. Shortly after Dannon dropped him as a sponsor, he apologized for the statements and asked his fans to be better than he is.

Rex Tillerson is on the under the covers with Don Pryor as we ask for him to confirm or deny statements he made about the president.

The Todd and Don Show hour two:

We meet Jeremiah Cottle, #AirForce Veteran and inventor of the #BumpFireStock. He thought up the creation to fire faster like the automatic rifles he used during his time in the air force. The device uses light tension on the weapon to rebound the trigger against the finger of the shooter. Do you buy the explanation that this was an assistive device for disabled gun owners, or an intentional tool to circumvent the automatic weapons ban?

We continue the debate on Columbus Day, and we speak with Dottie who explains in no uncertain detail, that she does not feel guilty as a white woman for taking the Indians land. She even says she may wear red on Monday. Do you think this is getting blown out of proportion, or should we pay attention to the debate?

The Todd and Don Show hour three:

Applebee’s is trying to lure in millennials by offering $1 margaritas. People seem to blame the death of many companies on Millennials. Applebee’s take on reversing the trend is alcohol. The company is pushing hard to realign its self with a younger more affluent demographic that sees fast casual as the better dining option.

A Wisconsin high school student, Eleanor Fitzwilliams, is pushing back after her school asked her to submit a new yearbook photo when it was decided her first submission was inappropriate. The issue, she has an exposed bralette. Fitzwilliams says this is a case of double standards as the swim team photo shows the entire team wearing only orange speedo’s. Do you think the female student will prevail in her challenge.


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