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Ebola to America! ? Why? Are you concerned?

Son: Mother's Ebola should spark push for cure  One of two known American Ebola victims, missionary Nancy Writebol wasn't looking to abandon her overseas work. But Jeremy Writebol believes his 59-year-old mother can yield a greater good from her impending return to the United States amid West Africa's worst-ever outbreak of the often-deadly virus. The attention focused on her case, the younger Writebol said, "might help develop a cure and resources to help those who are suffering. I am sure hopeful for that." A Liberian government official has confirmed that a medical evacuation team is scheduled early Tuesday to fly Nancy Writebol back to the United States, where she will receive treatment at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital alongside one of her mission partners, Dr. Kent Brantly, who was admitted Saturday.                                                                                                                                                            HIDDEN CASH-NEW YORK

NEW YORK (AP) - There was a sweet surprise for some lucky folks on New York City beaches yesterday. Pez dispensers stuffed with $100 bills were in Brooklyn's Coney Island and Brighton Beach. The backers of the Hidden Cash movement filled three-dozen Pez dispensers with C-notes. One boy even found a Superman-shaped dispenser good for two roundtrip airline tickets to anywhere in the U.S. Clues for scavenger hunts were posted on Twitter. The Hidden Cash craze started in California. Backers Jason Buzzi and Yan Budman say it's a way to give back to the community.


DENVER (AP) - Pot could be going to prison. Colorado businessman Nicholas Erker wants to grow and sell legal marijuana at a former women's prison in the town of Brush. Erker tells the Denver Post the site is ideal, given its security, utility lines and isolation. Of course, the old prison is surrounded by fences up to 30 feet high, topped by razor wire. The Brush city council is set to take public comments on the proposal today.


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) - It's a car theft twofer. Police in Corpus Christi, Texas, say a man who reported his car stolen has been busted on suspicion of stealing that same car from someone else. Twenty-year-old Juan Saenz told police a couple pulled a gun and demanded his ride. He later ID'ed them in a police lineup. But Lieutenant Karl Wright tells the Corpus Christi Caller-Times when officers recovered the car, they determined it had been stolen from Saenz's former girlfriend. That led to Saenz's arrest on a felony charge. Police say the man and woman who stole the stolen car also are jailed.


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (AP) - It was a tie to just about the last bite. Travis Mizejewski won a Wisconsin brat eating contest over the weekend. He downed 18 of the sausages in 10 minutes. He broke an impending tie with just 15 seconds on the clock. He came in second last year, at the Brat Days Festival competition. So, how does he feel being the new brat champ. Mizejewski simply says he feels "full." The Sheboygan Press Media reports Mizejewski wins $500 and a year's supply of Johnsonville Sausage.


ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (AP) - Dan Holiday's old shrimp boat is now a replica of something really old. He turned his shrimp boat Apple Jack into a copy of a 450-year-old Spanish ship. Officials in St. Augustine, Florida, have given permission for Holiday to display his replica Spanish ship at the Municipal Marina. The St. Augustine Record reports the ship will also be part of the city's 450th anniversary celebration.


WASHINGTON (AP) - Cory Andreen has a tonic for the summer heat -- a coffee tonic. He mixes up an unlikely fizzy refresher, coffee concentrate and tonic water. He serves the coffee tonic at Mockingbird Hill, a coffee and wine bar in Washington. Andreen tells WTOP both dark-roasted coffees and tonic water have quinic acid. He says that's why the pairing works. But he says coffee tonic won't replace iced coffee. Andreen adds that "a properly done iced coffee is a treat unto itself."

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