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Marijuana Tax, Subway Performers and Saul Solicits New Clients: Better Call Saul


DENVER (AP) - Coloradans aren't smoking as much legal weed as some had predicted. Tax figures show the state collected just over 12 million bucks from retail pot sales during the just ended fiscal year. The Denver Post reports Governor John Hickenlooper's office had anticipated a $100 million tax windfall. It seems a lot of smokers are getting medical marijuana, which is taxed at a lower rate. State economists are coming out with a new forecast next month, using the data from the first six months of pot sales.


WASHINGTON (AP) - It doesn't take a calculator to total the amount Washington, DC has collected in pot fines. The figure is zero. Nearly three dozen civil citations have been issued in DC since marijuana possession was decriminalized. But so far not one of the 25-buck fines has been paid. Violators have 14 days to pay up or contest the ticket. City officials say 35 tickets for pot possession were handed out between July 17 and August 8. The Washington Times reports people may be ignoring the pot tickets like they do littering tickets. More than four out of five people who receive littering citations never pay and city doesn't go after them.


NEW YORK (AP) - Subway acrobats, dancers and musicians weren't passing the hat yesterday. They were protesting. The subway performers joined others outside New York's City Hall to demonstrate against a crackdown on minor offenses. One construction worker and acrobat says they're not criminals and shouldn't be locked up for showing a little talent. But Mayor Bill de Blasio has said that "breaking the law is breaking the law." NYPD stats show arrests of subway performers have quadrupled compared to last year.


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Reginald Graves' missing car shouldn't be too hard to spot. Not many caramel colored Model A Fords on are still on the road. Graves owns four of the Ford classics. But one went missing from his Laurel, Oregon, home about a month ago. He says he was probably the most-photographed guy in the area, as he drove one of his Model A's. The Washington County Sheriff's Office doesn't have good news for Graves. Investigators say they've exhausted all leads and now are asking for the public's help in finding the missing '31 Ford.


BALTIMORE (AP) - Oh say can you see -- the 200th anniversary. Baltimore will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner next month. Tall ships, a Blue Angels air show and a majestic fireworks display will all be part of the fun. The weeklong, multi-million-dollar celebration begins September 10. Francis Scott Key, a Baltimore-area lawyer, wrote the Star-Spangled Banner lyrics after watching the British shell Fort McHenry.


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - You probably don't want to make law students mad. Five law students are suing a Florida software company over a computer glitch that prevented them from uploading their bar exam answers. The students are also seeking class action status and looking for others harmed by the failed test. ExamSoft Worldwide isn't commenting on the case. Catherine Booher is one of the students going to court. She's been using the hashtags (hash)barmageddon and (hash)bargazhi to get reaction from fellow law students on social media.

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