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Mud Day, Duke V. Duke and The 911 Crazy Cat call for help!


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (AP) - You can't call these guys dirty crooks. Police in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs are trying to find out why three thieves walked into a CVS pharmacy - and swiped soap. A lot of it - $2,000 worth of soap and other personal care items. Authorities say the three men were filmed by surveillance cameras as they pulled off the July 1 heist. They say the suspects walked in, casually grabbed the items and walked past cashiers and out of the store. Police say not only are they interested in catching the thieves, they also want to know why they took the products.


                                                        WESTLAND,  Mich. (AP) - For the past quarter century, there has been a Mud Day in the Detroit suburb of Westland, Michigan. But this year, the event really lived up to its name. That's because there was a steady rain that fell on Tuesday as both kids and kids-at-heart ran through and jumped into a huge mud pit - measuring 75-by-150 feet. That made for some good clean fun as everyone got caked in the muck. None more so than Jillian Palshan, who won the title of "Mud Queen." The judges were impressed by her "mud helmet" - a thick coating of mire that circled her face and head.


SEATTLE (AP) - It was bad enough that a man decided to wander into a home in Seattle the other day. It was worse that he was buck naked. And to top it off, the naked house breaker began loudly reciting Scripture when he got inside. It's pretty clear the Scriptures didn't include thou shalt not steal - or go into someone's home with no clothes on, for that matter. When the intruder came in, the woman inside called 911 while her husband grabbed a baseball bat. That apparently ended the incursion - and the Scripture recital. Police later found a naked man walking down the street, talking to himself. He was arrested after a brief chase and taken in for investigation of burglary. Officers say the man told them he had taken LSD.


DURHAM, N.C. (AP) - When you think of "Duke" - what comes to mind? Some will think of actor John Wayne - who was nicknamed Duke - a name he adopted from the family dog he had as a child. Then, there are those who associate it with Duke University. The school and the estate of the late actor are embroiled in a legal dispute over Duke. Wayne's heirs are suing the university over the right to market bottles of bourbon branded with the name Duke and an image of the late actor. The school feels letting the Wayne estate slap the name on bottles of booze would "diminish, dilute and tarnish" the value of the name. In their response, Wayne's heirs say the school doesn't own Duke. The United States Patent and Trademark Office lists more than 250 active trademarks that include the word "Duke," including jazz legend Duke Ellington - and a brand of mayonnaise.


                                                                DELAND, Fla. (AP) - A 4-year-old Russian blue has been quarantined after going off on its owners. It got so bad that the owners had to call 911 when Kush began scratching them. This all began when James Gregory mistakenly stepped on the cat's tail. Apparently not thinking the owner was sorry enough, the cat went after the man. Teresa Gregory says the couple locked Kush in the bedroom for most of the day. But the time out only seemed to give Kush time to stew over the whole situation - and when they opened the door, Kush began scratching them both. Kush will be in quarantine for 10 days, after which the owners will have to decide what to with her.                                                                                                                                                   


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