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OMG! STOP SHAKING! Raw video of Cali. quake!!!

UPDATE: Post-quake gas leak inspections to last days

The utility serving areas damaged by Sunday's earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area says it expects to continue searching for possible gas leaks over the coming days.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. says it has received several hundred calls from people reporting the smell of gas since the earthquake struck early Sunday morning near the city of Napa in California's wine country. The utility said 20 customers remained without gas on Monday morning.

The magnitude 6.0-quake also cut power and ruptured water mains. Dozens of homes and buildings in the region were deemed unsafe to occupy, including a historic Napa County courthouse, where a 10-foot wide hole opened a view of the offices inside.

PG&E says it has restored power to all but 150 of the 70,000 customers who lost it.


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