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The Rundown | September 11th, 2017

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Todd and Don discuss their reactions to Hilary Clinton’s weekend interview. Well Carol and Dotty call in and tell Todd and Don to lay off Hillary. Apparently we have been a little to mean to Hillary and we should just move on. Not going to lie, I agree with Carol. As a producer on this show I have to write about most every topic that Todd and Don discuss.

 I am tired of covering the Hilary book tour, every time I see her come across my social media feeds, I just want her to go away and shut up. However, I don’t get this … this almost fetishism that the guys seem to have for her. If you do the boys have a little Mary Matalin/ James Carville thing going on here?  Until then, what do ya’ll think? Should the guys get off Hilary’s case, or is this an ever green subject?

A new report claims that Austin, along with many other cities, did not follow proper procedures when installing red light cameras.  The 2007 law states that engineering studies must be done and that often, they should show alternatives to red light cameras that would be much cheaper to implement. Todd and Don called out for Austin’s reaction and got one. The general anecdotal sentiment is, “They are money grabs for the city.”  The good news is that if the camera program is found to be illegal, red-light runners may be in for a refund.

Tech News: The details of the new IPhone 8 appear to have been leaked by disgruntled employees and the companies own beta software releases. As we chase an even better smartphone, Don fesses up to rocking a 5-year-old phone. How can the battery even survive that long? I had to replace my 4s battery in my 2 year run, but let’s just also assume that don does not have the technical prowess.

We played Trump v Steve Bannon on trump tweets. Yup, …. What y’all expect me to have an opinion on Bannon? Fine, he is a slimy, conspiracy theory towing nut. Thats all I care to give you. 

Today is the 16th anniversary of September 11th. That is more than half of my life (I’m sorry to all those who just felt old now.) I would like to give ya’ll my personal account of that day. I remember waking up to both my parents in the living room watching the TV. This was very odd as my dad was usually off surfing before work and my mom would sleep in. When I came into the living room I saw them with the TV on fixed on the World Trade Center towers with building one billowing out smoke.

By the time I arrived at school that day building two had been hit and we knew it was an intentional attack.The principal came over the intercom during first period and asked for us to not turn on the television and proceed with classes as normal, not one teacher listened. It seemed that the entire school stood still as we watched building two fall and later building one.

 I can’t imagine the numbing pain this day must bring to survivors,recuers, and the families victims. I wish them comfort today when they need it. 

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