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The Rundown | September 22nd, 2017

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Hey guys, I have the Friday Feeling, so stick with me if my mid seems to wander. 

Mark and don discuss North Korea's threats of above ground nuclear testing. The honorable leader Kim Jong Un has just stepped up the pissing match and is threatening to test its new hydrogen bomb above ground in the Pacific Ocean, (as if we need more radiation after Fukushima.) President Trump responded to “Rocket Man” by saying we will destroy North Korea if the missile testing goes too far. Whelp, I guess I’m going to be enlisted on the military before too long when trump brings back the draft to intimidate Un.

Maybe he will backtrack on allowing gays in the military and I won’t have to worry about serving. Not that I would serve for the right cause, but I have never fired a weapon in my life and haven’t been in a fist fight. I don’t think I would be the best material in a war.

Facebook recently turning over information regarding 3,000 political adds connected to Russia. As a part of the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the election, Zuckerberg appeared before congress and asked questions about the company’s ad practices and what they know about the sources of the content. Mark and Don seem to think that what we need is better critical thinking taught in schools and that the general public will be able to ferret out the truth for themselves.

Umm, do they not have an aunt or uncle that shares conspiracy theories with them and memes like “wake up sheeple?” is that only me.  I don’t think you can stop people believing what sound the most convenient to them, the idea that something is just so perfect to explain you point can overpower that part of you bullshit filter that tells you to do some digging.

A pew research study shows that men are seen as the financial provider even though women’s contributions are up. Mark and Don explain a handmaid’s tale… I mean why the man should be the sole provider. Humm, this just seems like we are using “traditional values” as an excuse for our misogyny.

If we all lived in a Leave it to Beaver episode, our problems would be solved in 22 minutes or less. The reason that we can’t is, THAT FAMILY DIDN’T EXIST and you shouldn’t hold any one family up against censorship era ideals. It’s ok to break the mold and let women take over, hell that’s why doms make a good living.  Just stop getting upset when someone tells you that it’s ok for women to out earn men.

As always you can check my opinion of what the guys said by listening to the full podcast. Isn’t source material great?

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