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The Rundown | September 6th, 2017

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It’s all DACA, all day (or at least it feels like it is.)

Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA by early next year and Todd and Don discussed it. One listener by the name of Manuel called in to give us his perspective as a dreamer. Manuel is 27, and grew up not knowing that he was an undocumented immigrant. He learned his legal status at 18 when he tried to sign up for the US Military. When he told his parents, they pulled him aside and told him the truth, since then he has gone on to become an auto body repairman and a volunteer firefighter. Sounds like the kind of guy worth keeping around. What do you think about Manuel’s story?

A former Westlake High School Principal has been arrested for allegedly soliciting underage girls in Arizona. Karl Wagner has been bouncing around the districts in Austin for the past few years when earlier this year he left for Arizona after being hired on as Principal of Four Peaks Elementary in Arizona. Todd and Don spent their time this morning debating if the timing of the move was purely coincidental or if Wagner was quietly pushed out of the district. I think most answers point to yes even though Austin district officials say nothing happened.

On today’s Tech News, we discuss Lenovo’s now settled lawsuit over superfish software it pre-installed on computers that compromised security. This software left a significant backdoor into users system that many hackers took advantage of.  Zello proves to be a useful tool during Harvey to save lives. The Zello app, developed in response to Katrina, allowed many more aid groups to effectively coordinate. The Austin based tech firm is just happy that their app is being put to a good use.

Todd confesses to tracking his daughter's phone when she is out and about. Does this make Todd a bad parent or just a concerned father? Don gives his two cents... because having no kids gives him the right to cast judgment. Personally, my parents tracked me and my twin when we were fifteen that was just one of the conditions to accept a phone ( yes one phone for the both of us to share.)  


All this on today’s Todd and Don Podcast.

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