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The Rundown | September 8th, 2017

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APD will press Ford Explorers back into service after Ford says it has a repair. The police will receive 20 patrol cars a week until all 400 are repaired. I think we will continue to see carbon monoxide leak claims going into the future from these police interceptors. Maybe we need to have tesla build a model x police interceptor. Think about it, you could get suspects in and out easily with the falcon wing doors, and the “Frunk” would be perfect for holding the spike strips. Just put dunkin doughnuts near the superchargers and we are all set.

Today’s Tech News: 

Equifax announces a security hack released 143 million Americans social security numbers. Executives found out about the leak in mid-July, but waited to notify the public. In the meantime executives sold off stock ahead of the announcement.

Amazon is being courted by many cities to relocate. Todd voices his concerns over these jobs that may lead to more gentrification in Austin. 

A new study finds that fewer Americans find value in a college degree. The study finds that the trend is showing people question is the degrees they paid thousands of dollars for has any significant impact on their earning potential. Todd and Don Discuss it and I think Todd may be regretting paying for Gabe’s degree. 

Betsy Devos is vowing to rewrite Obama era title IX sexual assault guidelines. She won’t go into details of her plans, but it appears that she believes the current rules force colleges to give to many protections to the victims and can ruin the lives of the accused. It’s not all one sided though, she thinks the victims aren’t being served well by a system unequipped to handle such a sensitive issue. Why can’t I just stay angry at an education secretary with no background in education? No, she just had to take a balanced approach.

We go under the ... Vicodin? To let Don relax a bit before fully getting back into the swing of things, Todd has replaced Under the Covers with Under the Vicodin. We check the voice mail of Don letting us know he wasn’t going to make it to work. Let’s just say Don is a bit of a light weight.


If you want to hear more, listen to full Podcast now.

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