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The Rundown: The Todd & Don show August 16, 2017

Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock | Ricardo Mayer


It's a day chock full of the current state of race relations in America.


 Also on the show this morning, Todd & Don marvel at the man who will have sex with just about anything.


This story was such a big deal, the guys designated some time to talk about him on their Todd and Don Post Show on Facebook


Other stories on the show this morning:

Uber agrees to protect rider data

On Tuesday,  a complaintthat  alleged that Uber failed to secure data about rider trips and didn't properly monitor their employees ability to gain access to to the information was settled. 

The ride-sharing app has agreed to protect data and audit use of rider information.

Big Pharma's Tobacco Moment

On Tuesday, South Carolina became the sixth state to sue opioid makers, alleging that they have created a public health crisis. 

Austin Begins The Process To Rename Robert E. Lee Road

Accordning to the Statesman, City Council members said Tuesday, after recent white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va, .Austin will begin the process of trying to change the name of Robert E. Lee Road in South Austin.




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