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The Rundown: The Todd & Don Show August 17, 2017

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The results are in and it's conclusive: the number one thing Austinites are most displeased Traffic. And a pro-confederate rally is coming to Austin for Labor day weekend.

Also on the show:

Tuesday, ESPN issued an apology for a fantasy football segment of an auction draft where black players were sold to mostly white male bidders.


University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan released a statement Aug. 4, telling students and local residents that her foremost concern was their safety. 

“They believe that your counterprotest helps their cause,” she said. “One advocate of the rally said, ‘We should aim to draw the SJWs [social justice warriors] out in Charlottesville and create a massive polarizing spectacle in order to draw as huge a contrast as possible. They will reveal themselves to be violent, intolerant, opposed to free speech, the insane enforcers of political correctness, etc.’ The organizers of the rally want confrontation; do not gratify their desire.”


According to the Statesman, here in Austin, officials are starting the process of changing the name of Robert E. Lee Road in South Austin. Across the state. similar efforts are underway to remove symbols of the Confederacy in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.


Here in Austin, an event that's being billed as the “Dixie Freedom Rally” is scheduled to take place at Wooldridge Square in downtown Austin during Labor Day weekend.

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