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Tiki Torches, Mopac and Anti-Bulling Laws | 10-10-17

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder | Getty Images

The #vegasmassacre time line has been drawn into question as new details emerge that the security officer who first confronted the shooter, did so six minutes before the attack on the concert below. This new discovery has many asking why it took so long for police to identify the location of the shooter.

The Texas Exes have canceled the torchlight rally in the wake of the Charlottesville protests. The organization claims they want to make a welcoming environment for everyone at the pep rally, and having their regular torchlight march would send the wrong message. We get your reactions.

Today will be the first workday test of the new Mopac express lanes. The long overdue lane started operation on Monday and was fairly effective. Critics claim that the lane testing was blunted by Indigenous Peoples … I mean, Columbus Day. We asked in our twitter poll if you thought this would help traffic.


Towing rates may rise in Austin. In an effort to make towing operators more responsive to accident scenes, the city of Austin is considering the raising of tow rates from $175 to $275. The move, if approved by city council, would take effect in January.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Trump has his fair share. We don’t get mad; we get every tweet when we pit Donald Trump against his first wife Ivana Trump. Patrick is just showing off with how good he is at stumping the boys. Just don’t let him see you cry Don. Hold it in.

A new law in a New York town will jail parents if their children are in trouble with the law. The law makes it an offence for parents if their child is caught, amongst other things, for being a bully twice in a 90 day period; the parent could be fined or given up to15 days in jail for violating the law.  



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