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(Video Alert) Obama wants 3.7 BILLION, Cali Soda Tax and Plane Almost Hits Another? What Happen?

The Associated Press has learned that President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $3.7 billion to confront the influx of minors from Central America. (July 8)


The city of San Francisco recently voted to allow a referendum on a sugary drink tax. Supporters argue it will curb obesity, but opponents are concerned about its impact on small business. (July 8)




Yesterday, early in the morning...What you see is what happened.    An UTair Boeing 767-300 (VQ-BSX) incoming from Moscow as UT5187 and Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 (LV-FPV).   The Utair 767 was about to land on Runway 02 while the Argentinas was crossing the runway.   By the time russian pilots sight Argentinas (they were taxiing to Holding point of RW25R for take-off) on runway while they were on final approach, they did their best making an impressive and close go around.    After that incidence the plane landed safely on runway 02, and the Argentinas took-off heading Buenos Aires

Hopefully nothing happened.

I hope you enjoy the video, Greetings from BCN,

Miguel Ángel


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