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Dale and Eric discover The Free Telegraph, a deceptive "news" website organized by the Republican Governors Association. Say goodbye to journalistic...
Why is everyone so angry at the 2017 Emmys? Dale and Eric ponder why Lefties and Righties alike are complaining about the lowest rated Emmys ever.
More rehashing about DACA, online bullies, and Dale himself using his pulpit as a platform for bullying other bullies.
Dale and Eric discover a study that says the more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to bend facts to suit your needs. Wait, what!?
Dale and Eric discuss a wide array of topics including the recent Equifax scandal, as well as Dale's recent vendetta against a rude online troll.
Read the title? You're doing great so far!
Dale and Eric begin the show with some reflection on 9/11. Today's show aired on the 16th year since that harrowing day.
Dale and Eric discuss the Equifax scandal, as well as the scores of religious leaders blaming the recent hurricanes on America's morality. Typical...
Dale and Eric discuss right-leaning media companies, which are the majority of mainstream broadcasting companies. What is the "drive-by-media" then?...
Dale and Eric discuss hypocrisy and our fear of it, as well as a certain other radio host's inability to show compassion or reason when discussing...