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Jeff Ward and Ed Clements

In which the Jeff Ward Show becomes the Fly Fishing and Wine show.
That just sounds like a really cool spy movie. Anyway, we go over that, and some other stuff.
In which Jeff expounds on the latest sick leave legislation in Austin, featuring calls from a business owner or two.
In which Jeff, just Jeff this time, goes over mandatory sick leave and the possible effects it would have on the local economy.
Wrapping up with what we know about the Parkland shooter, what we think his motives might've been and what should be done looking ahead.
In which Jeff and Ed discuss what might come after the shooting as far as legislation goes. Also they talk about Austin's paid sick leave issue for a...
With conjecture from a few callers on what should be done to address the state of gun control and mental health in America.
Jeff and Ed go over the Parkland shooting, with some added details that have come up over the previous 24 hours.