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Jeff Ward and Ed Clements

Two phrases I never thought I'd see in the same sentence. Anyway, that's what we're going over this hour.
Yep. We also go over curling, and why it's both awesome and boring.
In which Jeff, joined by Ed this hour, goes over the moral gray areas associated with the Parkland shooter and the legal system's efforts to prevent...
On this episode, Jeff talks about local students protesting gun laws by walking out of class, Social Security, and Florida's decision to label porn a...
No Russian guns though, least none that I'm aware of. Jeff and Ed talk gun control and the Russian inditement.
You heard it here, we're gonna have flying cars by 2020. Or not, as Jeff and Ed discuss.
So many topics, so little time. Russian meddling, yoga pants vs. sweat pants, flying cars and a whole lot more.
In which Jeff and Ed talk about the gray areas around legal actions that can be taken following the Parkland shooting.
In which we explore if there's a sport lazier than curling. Also, dopers in bowling. Yes, those are a thing. We touch on them too.
In which Jeff and Ed discuss the ramifications of Austin's paid sick leave.