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Jeff Ward and Ed Clements

Moore loses, Charles Barkley looking like a star and possible sites for an MLS soccer stadium.
The daily tweet drama from Trump continues. This time for Kirsten Gillibrand saying she would do “anything” for funding.
Isn’t funny how movies can tell the future? Mike Judge’s “Idocracy” explains the dumbing down of all of us.
Come to find out, Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold has been running his Capitol office like a frat house.
The Roy Moore campaign has stirred up emotions. Even Charles Barkley wants Alabama residents to vote from someone else so they don't look like idiots.
Why would people vote for someone if they could just vote against someone? We will soon learn the outcome of the Alabama Senate race.
The city of Austin counter offers the owner of the Columbus Crew MLS team on locations for a possible stadium, while residents near Butler Park are...
As his campaign winds down, Roy Moore rides his horse "Sassy" to the election post. Charles Barkley pleads for Alabama residents to not look like...
With 3 games to go, the Cowboys are looking ahead to the playoffs
As the light keeps shining on those accused of past sexual harrasment and assault, the question remains. Why do we hold stars higher than politicians?