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Kenny Debra filled in and gave out relationship advice, plus the Tulsa deputy shooting
Kenny and Debra filled in for Todd and Don to discuss Hillary Clinton's announcement for president!
How sickening is it that the Ft. Hood heroes don't get the Purple Heart medal
Teacher incentives, Cops shootings, Body cameras, and Debra Cole!
BEST OF: Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhart wants illegal immigrants in YOUR city
South Carolina man who shot the video of officer that killed unarmed black man is a hero, plus what should Tsarnaev's punishment mean?
Tsarnaev GUILTY on 30 counts! Your thoughts!
S.C man killed by an officer, and DWI interlock program coming to Austin?
Ben Carson concerned about the black community and rap music. Is it degrading society?
Is online schooling the best route? Starbucks believes so!