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Hot female Veteran becomes an armed vigilante for Africa, and woman gets 30 days in prision for sexual relations with 17 year old boy
Transgender person goes to prison and gets free sex change, plus stats about blacks and hispanics and their dealings with cops.
State Trooper gets reprimanded for taking picture with Snoop Dogg
Todd reveals shocking info about his wife's uterus, plus C-section births. Also, does a State Trooper need to get reprimanded for taking a picture...
New live stream service for the Todd and Don Show, Austin looking to issue a city ordiance against Black's BBQ joint, and ADHD has been given to...
Don flies to El Paso to eat steak dinners, plus Don gets hammered again on gun rights!
Indiana Religious Freedom Act causes ire, and APD Physical Fitness program coming soon
Cops bangs and smahses into a window with malicious intent! Check to the Todd and Don blg for the FULL Video