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The Todd and Don Show

Austin Road Rager has a long criminal record, plus a pornographic Adam and Eve poem read in an Algebra class.
Marc Ott buys $11,000 worth of furniture, Walmart may lose its case to suspend liquors sales in Texas, plus reaction of the Austin Road Rage incident
Chief Art Acevedo talks Campus Carry. Do you support it?
More Gun Talk, and the UNC Chapel Hill Tragedy
Strip Club coming to Austin, plus the "Radical Brownies" are not about selling desserts, but want to indoctrinate you about white police officers...
Lane Splitting coming to Austin? What do you think?
Sex Offender swindling your taxpayer money, and do Military vets like to roleplay?
Bike App in Austin..will it help Austin motorists?
Why do you think Medical Marijuana is regulated so much? Does weed cause harm?
Truck Driver kills thief who stole his truck. Is he justified? Don doesn't think so. Also, would you throw a "Measles Party" for your child?