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Debra Cole fills in! Driverless Cars coming soon?
Ice Day in Austin texas, Todd and Producer Cedric talk about their bad hotel experience last night, and truancy in schools becoming a problem
Slap ass Fridays at your local middle school! Did you participate in thee activities?
Letter Grades for students and teachers, and medical marijuna
BEST OF THE WEEK: Nethanyahu address the United States, and would you call CPS on 'Free Ranger' children?
Curt Schilling defends his daughter from rape jokes made on Twitter
Should college students work and go to school at the same time?
LAPD shooting a homeless man sparks controversy, plus a road rage incident gets physical.
Babybox takes away the responsiblity to be a parent? Is it a liberal mess? And Spock passes away
DNA samples of Dog Poop infringing on rights?