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A caller tells us what he perceives at housing construction sites in the area.
There's not enough workers in a booming industry in central Texas. What else does the field hold for prospective job seekers?
Apparently you're trashy as all get out if you're dipping your slice in ranch dressing. Thanks for making us all feel disgusting, Don.
So many questions about Trump's latest presidential decisions and stiffer penalties for crimes committed in Austin's downtown entertainment district.
A new software is being developed that would act as a 'breathalyzer for texting' to determine if a driver was texting while driving, Congressional...
Todd & Don talk with the top brass of AISD about the school voucher program and much much more!
Don's pretty much off the hook for mother's day compared to Todd - meanwhile Todd witnesses the madness at HEB of all the sons and and daughters that...
Get your daily dose of today's top headlines with Todd Jeffries: - Texas School voucher programs - Global cyber attack
It's the stereotypical topica of conversation that all Austinites love to complain about but never actually want to fix - what do you think is the...