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The Todd and Don Show

A teacher is charged for sleeping with three males students at a North Carolina prep school and Don has some choice words to descibe the accused.
A high school teacher says she'll pay students to put down their phones over summer break while Don notices how addicted to technology we all are.
Austin Community College signs a new deal, Dennis Rodman is on vacation again, and the latest travel Ban block.
Don's taking casual Friday a little too seriously. He probably justifies it with his exclusive interviews. "Under the Covers" Following his testimony...
Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions says that he would be willing to testify before the Senate Intel Committee on Tues night. Sen. Lindsey Graham says Pres...
Micahel is a local gunstore owner and was denied to be on a special advisory commision by Austin city council for differing beliefs.
An accident over the weekend involving an intoxicated illegal immigrant kills a local Austin man and his unborn baby.
The nomenclature of the bands Don's preformed with is simply fascinating.