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BEST OF: Austin City Council wants to pass an ordinance that would ban businesses from asking applicants about convictions, felonies, etc.
Obama says that Climate Change Deniers are a THREAT to National Security
Police Audio of the Waco Shooting, plus the minimum wage skyrockets to $15/hr.
The conspiracy nuts come out to say that the Waco Shooting is linked to Jade Helm
Don gets hammered on Gun Culture and ehat are your thoughts on the Waco Shooting
Kids with Special Needs locked in a room at New Braunfels Elementary School. Too harsh?
Bandidos Gang Member calls the show to reprimand Todd. MUST LISTEN!
Dzokhar Tsarnaev gets the death penalty! Plus Todd gives the Texas Legislature an "F" since Abbott's tenure
Are you a submissive husband or wife? Boyfriend of girlfriend?
BEST OF THE WEEK: A UT Biology Professor (Liberal?) touts why Global Warming is real, and how Scientists are the only ones qualified to dictate what'...