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The President says Comey wasn't doing a good enough job and that's why he was fired and a police chase in Round Rock.
The number of refugees arriving in the US has dropped dramatically since talks of Travel bans began. ABC Politcal analyst Matthew Dowd joins the Todd...
You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give. Why doesn't wealth bring a constant sense of joy? Chris Heerlein takes readers...
Who said it - Trump or Ted Cruz' college roommate?
Todd & Don talk with ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd about the current instability of U.S. politics.
Todd's new roommate has a unique way of cooking up something good...
The FBI director gets the axe from Trump and the ACLU issues a travel advisory for the state of Texas.
Former AG Yates told Trump "don't do it,' regarding fmr. NSA Dir. Flynn & AISD plans to give every student a laptop. A 16 year Florida man has...
Seriously, why is Don so good at battle of the sexes?
And why is Don so good at the female questions for battle of the sexes???