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Debra Cole fills in! Caller A.C. calls to promote his Dog Euthanization seminar at SXSW, the American Flag baby, and Producer Cedric speaks for the...
Casinos coming to Texas? Red Light cameras a scam?
How do you feel if a Texas kid goes to jail for truancy? Plus an autistic boy will not get funding from the school to have his dog come to school
BEST OF THE WEEK: Breastfeeding ordiance that will ban texans to say anything bad about breastfeeding in public places
Brad Caspier, from Radiant Plumbing, talks about exchanging water heaters in the Austin area. Does smoking inside a home affect quality of health?...
BEST OF THE WEEK: Erik Leighton, man who was refused service because of face tattoo, was on the Todd and Don Show. Plus is Chivalry a major issue in...
Hillary Clinton speaks out on her personal email, plus your reaction!
Bruce Jenner's Sex Change good? The New Apple Watch, and Don hates SXSW
School equity, transgender debacle and will the new Apple Watch be a flop?