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Who said it - Donald Trump or Caitlyn Jenner?
Lawmakers want to enact tougher penalties on teachers that engage in relationships with students. How did we get to this point in modern sociology?
The FBI reportedly paid $900,000 to gain access to the iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino Shooters; a federal appeals court hears arguments on...
Who said it - Trump or former VP Dick Cheney?
The guys spent the weekend finding their roots as well as a new sense of freedom.
- Texas Signs the sanctuary city bill into law - RRISD says "heck no" to a $572 Million bond proposal
Whether Don insulted the wife of UT's head football coach or not remains a gray area. But he definitely had a better weekend than you.
A caller gives her testimony of what it's like being represented by District 4 city council member, Greg Casar.
We talk with Texas Senator Charles Perry today on the Todd and Don show. Do you believe that social media has breed a culture of disrespect for the...
Todd and Mark talk with Hector about the rising cost of healthcare. Though If You ask me, It doesnt seem right that you could have employees setting...