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Austin ISD Enrolls Some Evacuated Galveston Students

About two dozen students who would normally be attending Galveston schools right now are going to school in Austin. The Austin Independent School District has signed some students while they are evacuated to the capital city.

"We've enrolled a little over 20 students in school in the district, but those students who their parents are with relatives in the area and we know where those students are going to be in school. We welcome those students with open arms," says Lupita Garcia, with AISD.

She says the district held an event Thursday morning to assess students and their families while here. "I think it's a certain amount of fear of the unknown, in terms of 'why am I not in school? What is going to happen if I'm not in school?'," Garcia added.

Mary Patrick, with Galveston ISD, says information is being compiled on students who are unable to attend school on the island because of the hurricane devastation there.

"Information such as the person to contact to get information. Once we acquire the list of school districts the students will be attending, we will send a copy of this flyer to the school districts," Patrick says.

Also, Galveston ISD says they will continue to pay teachers as the disaster recovery continues.

"On a note to our teachers and staff members who may be in the area, it has been confirmed that they may not be able to watch television in the Galveston area. They may not know this, so to our employees in the Galveston School District, you will still receive a paycheck. It does not matter what your job is, you will receive a paycheck. Paychecks will be issued to everyone like normal. That is critical right now. You should contact this e-mail address to let them know you would like your check mailed to a different location. That is," says Terri Watkins, with Galveston ISD.

For general evacuees, FEMA help is also available. FEMA's hotline is 1-800-621-FEMA.

(Hear the entire news conference below)

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