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Benefit concerts held for victim of road attack

Austin police continue to search for who, or what, is responsible for several objects that recently hit four vehicles on I-35.

For the next few weeks, Michael Pena will have to drive this small rental SUV. His truck is the most recent vehicle to be hit by a large object while traveling on the lower deck of I-35.

"I heard a thud. That’s all I heard. I thought I blew out a tire, so I pulled over and checked it,” said Pena.

This is what he saw a big hole in his front grill. Despite the damage, Pena considers himself to be pretty lucky.

I've seen the pictures from the other cars that could have blown out just anything, if it took out a tire it could have blown, hit the rail and done the same thing the other guy did,” said Pena.

The other guy is local musician, Kenneth Johnson. He suffered a serve head injury, when something the size of a softball crashed through the front windshield of his Jeep June 14. Johnson remains at UMC Brackenridge Hospital partially paralyzed and unable to speak according to his friend John Petri.

"But every day there's small baby steps of improvement, and he is making sounds, he is recognizing people, he is trying his best to communicate, as best he can, with his injuries,” said Petri. | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports

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