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Extended No Refusal Initiative statistics for Spring Break and SXSW

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The extended Spring Break/SXSW No Refusal initiative ended this morning. This initiative was operational nightly between 9 pm - 5 am from March 3-20, 2017.
Total DWI arrests during No Refusal Hours (9 pm - 5 am) = 202
Blood Search Warrants =                                       100
Consent Blood =                                                        31
Consent Breath=                                                       71
            Total                                                              202
Of those 202 arrests:
Class A Misdemeanor DWI (with prior conviction) =                18
Class A Misdemeanor DWI (breath sample over .15) =            27
Felony DWI (2 or more prior convictions) =                                  9
Felony DWI Child Passenger =                                                        5

The Austin Police Department is continuously focused on preventing lives from being lost on the streets, highways and waterways of Austin. The department is dedicated to making the roadways and waterways of Austin safe for residents and visitors through education and enforcement. 

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