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Georgetown Subcommittee to Address Campus Security, Safety

The Georgetown Independent School District will be forming a new subcommittee in the wake of the Santa Fe High School shooting that will look at what are being called "common sense approaches" to beefing up the safety and security of all schools within the district.  The announcement came at Monday's school board meeting after a parent, whose daughter attends Forbes Middle School, made claims that the district has allowed a student to remain at the school despite making numerous alleged threats toward students and himself.

 "I've sent several of you an email in regards to a threat a student made at Forbes Middle School to shoot up the school," she said.  "Not only did he make the threat, he said he had access to his uncle's guns.  Prior to that, he texted -- again on social media -- that he was planning to commit suicide.  Prior to that, he told my daughter and two other students he planned on putting bombs in their backpacks."

The mother went on to say the district hasn't taken any action against the student for allegedly making those threats, other than a brief stint in ISS, or In-School Suspension.

"He is allowed to walk freely in the school today, unmonitored, wearing a baggy hoodie.  He could've easily snuck something in.  My daughter and her friends are scared.  They don't want to come to school."

Her comments were followed by the announcement that GISD was in the process of forming the subcommittee.

"Safety and security is extremely paramount to all of us.  We have kids as well," said GISD Board President Scott Stribling.  "We have strong community engagement, great partnerships with our police department, with Chief [Wayne] Nero."

The committee will include Superintendent Fred Brent and other high-ranking administrators, several school board members, and Chief Nero.

Not many details have been given about the specifics of the subcommittee, but officials say they will be updating parents once it has been formed.



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