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Local hospital prepared for Ebola epidemic

Three tents are lined up outside the emergency room at Dell Children's Medical Center.

"It's not for Ebola, it's just for training drills," said Dr. Coburn Allen, a faculty member over Infectious Disease and Emergency Medicine. "You bring the patients through one area, decontaminate, then move into another area, perhaps for triage, where they get their vital signs and then a treatment or a holding area."

The set up allows the patients to get the best care possible and the doctors to work in a safe environment.

"The whole idea is to not contaminate each section," said Allen.

Two Americans returning home were infected while providing care to others coping with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

"You need to protect your face and skin with special equipment so that you don't get the infection from the patient and we have those here," he said. 


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