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Confirmed: UT-Austin president refuses to resign

There are new developments in the battle for leadership at the University of Texas.  The top two members of the Board of Regents spoke out on Sunday, sending a letter to alumni about published reports that they plan to fire UT-Austin President Bill Powers this week.

The letter is signed by board president Kay Bailey Hutchison and chairman Charles Matthews. They wrote, in part:

"A forced resignation or firing would be a travesty for UT. It would cause further tension with legislators regarding UT System, would compound unrest among faculty, students, and alumni, and invoke serious harm to the institution’s reputation in the national spotlight."

They added:

"This latest news came from an unfortunate leak to the media which has caused a premature impression of an ongoing and unresolved personnel decision, and has inflamed the controversy."

Hutchison and Matthews went on to say that the chancellor and president should still be able to work together on a mutual decision that provides leadership and a succession plan.

The Board of Regents is expected to meet on Thursday.   


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