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Governor Greg Abbott Says Blake Farenthold Must Pay For Special Election

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says Blake Farenthold needs to pay for the special election that's being called to fill his seat after he resigned in disgrace this month. Farenthold had pledged to repay $84 thousand dollars he took from taxpayers for a sexual harassment settlement, In a letter to Farenthold, Abbott says Farenthold should reimburse the counties in his district to cover the costs of the June 30th special election.

April 25, 2018
The Honorable Blake farenthold
U.S. Representative, District 27
U.S. House of Representatives
1027 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 205 15-4327


Dear Mr. Farenthold:
On behalf of voters in the 27th Congressional District and as Governor of the State of Texas, I
am writing to demand that you cover all costs for the called special election to fill the seat now
vacated following your resignation.

While you have publicly offered to reimburse the $84,000 in taxpayer funds you wrongly used to
settle a sexual harassment claim, there is no legal recourse requiring you to give that money back
to Congress.

I am urging you to give those funds back to the counties in your district to cover the costs of the
June 30, 2018, special election.

All counties contained within this district continue to be under the state disaster declaration
related to the devastation of Hufficane Harvey, making it imperative that we fill this vacancy as
soon as possible.

Hurricane relief efforts depend heavily on action at the federal level, which can only occur if
Texans residing in disaster zones have full and effective representation in Congress.
This seat must be filled, and the counties and taxpayers in the 27th Congressional District should
not again pay the price for your actions.

I request a response by May 2.


Gregg Abbott

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