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(LISTEN) Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pushes big tax cuts in Texas

   Top Texas conservatives are now seemingly one-upping each other by pledging deeper and deeper tax cuts as part of the 2016-2017 budget, with all sides insisting that the state's economy will stay strong enough to cover the costs of vital services despite the loss in revenue.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was a guest on Austin's Morning News with Mark, Ed and Sam...Listen to the interview:

   Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Senate Finance Committee Chairwoman Jane Nelson announced two bills and a proposed constitutional amendment Tuesday. Those and other top proposals would mean $4.6 billion in total property and business tax cuts, outpacing the $4 billion Patrick and Nelson had initially promised and constituting what they called some of the most substantial "tax relief" in state history.

   "It's been long, long overdue and the people have spoken clearly about what they want," Patrick said at a Capitol news conference, flanked by Nelson and more than a dozen other senators who are co-sponsoring tax cut plans.

   Patrick, who oversees the flow of Senate legislation, added of taxpayers: "Remember, this is their money and they need as much back as we can send them."

   That announcement came a day after Rep. Dennis Bonnen, an Angleton Republican and the House's chief budget writer, said proposals in the lower chamber would also likely top Patrick and Nelson's previous $4 billion pledge. Gov. Greg Abbott has also called for $4.5 billion in tax cuts over the biennial budget cycle.

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