3209 episodes

Austin's Morning News on News Radio 590 KLBJ

Daily best of the Austin's Morning News Show with Mark, Ed and Sgt Sam!

Latest episode:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Hour 5

1643 episodes

The Jeff Ward Show on News Radio 590 KLBJ

Daily best of the Jeff Ward Show from News Radio 590 KLBJ.

Latest episode:

Wed April 23rd, 2014 Hour 4

958 episodes

The Todd and Don Show on News Radio 590 KLBJ

The Todd & Don Show weekdays on News Radio KLBJ AM590 and 99.7FM or stream it at www.newsradioklbj.com This is a show about current events and pop culture. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome anytime. But, beware...this is a dangerous place!

Latest episode:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Hour 1

141 episodes

The Wildflower Hour with Tom Spencer

Tom Spencer, host of The Wildflower Hour, has been answering Central Texas' gardening questions since 1983. The Wildflower Hour focuses on landscape and ornamental gardening with an emphasis on native plants and organic approaches. Spencer was trained as a landscape designer in Houston and worked in the nursery and landscape business for several years before switching to a communications career that includes writing about gardening and hosting "Central Texas Gardener" for Austin's Public Television station, KLRU.

Latest episode:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

461 episodes

Gardening Naturally with John Dromgoole

John Dromgoole hosts the longest, continuously running, organic gardening talk show in the United States. For the last twenty-five years on KLBJ AM 590, he has shared his passion and extensive knowledge of organic gardening. John's main focus is protecting the environment while enriching the soil and growing healthier plants.

Latest episode:

Sunday, April 20, 2014 Hour 2

16 episodes

Money Talk with Carl Stuart

Money Talk is a show about the world of financial and investment planning and includes listener phone call with real issues and questions. Perhaps you are considering a real estate purchase, participating in your employer sponsored retirement plan, or starting to save and invest for a future college education… Whatever the concern or questions, Carl strives to answer in plain everyday English and treat every caller with respect.

Latest episode:

Money Talk with Carl Stuart 04.19.14

60 episodes

Austin Gardener with Sheryl Mclaughlin

Austin Gardener with Sheryl Mclaughlin

Latest episode:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

14 episodes

Cactus Pryor Comments

Star of radio, TV, movies, plays and newspaper, Cactus Pryor was a true Texas legend whose remarkable career spanned 60 years. Cactus entertained Presidents and world leaders, but he also used his amazing sense of humor to delight Austin radio and TV audiences with stories of our city that Cactus loved so much. Cactus was on Congress Avenue with his radio microphone broadcasting live in 1945 when Austinites filled downtown, celebrating the U.S. victory over Japan and the end of World War Two. He was also the first face seen on Austin TV in the 1950’s as he began a TV career that included his highly popular children’s show and the Darrel Royal U.T. football show. John Wayne asked Cactus to appear in two of the Duke’s movies, The Green Berets and The Hell Fighters. They became good friends during the filming of the movies and Cactus had very fond memories of the Duke’s exploits when the cameras were turned off. But it was beyond the radio microphones and TV and movie cameras where Cactus had his most profound effect on the lives of countless Austinites. He worked tirelessly for decades to advance charitable and civic causes, giving his time and enormous talent to help raise vast amounts of money to uplift the lives of the less fortunate in Austin. Cactus Pryor was a giant in so many ways, yet he always remained the smiling, charming, humble man who grew up on Speedway in Austin and brought a beautiful spirit of life to generations of Austinites.

Latest episode:

Cowboy Poetry


The basic requirements for podcasting are a computer, podcasting software and a high-speed Internet connection. To take your podcast with you, an iPod or any MP3 player is also needed.


What is podcasting?
According to Wikipedia, "Podcasting is the practice of making audio files available online in a way that allows software to automatically detect new files and download them." Technically, this is accomplished using "RSS 2.0 news feeds" to provide information about a collection of audio files in MP3 format.

Using software like iPodder or Apple's iTunes you can get your PC to download new podcasts whenever they are released.

How do I podcast?
To begin, download and install podcasting software onto your computer. Though every application is different, there are generally directions to "add" a podcast feed (usually just as simple as copying and pasting the podcast URL into your podcasting application). There are various software programs that can be used to download and access podcasts. Some Podcasts are free to download, but limit the number of podcasts you can subscribe to. Still other podcasting programs are available for a small fee.

Download podcasting software from: (We recommend iTunes)

When I click on the Podcast link, I get a page full of code...
Podcasts use a type of code called XML. Some XML can be displayed in a web browser, but not podcasting. You must use the URL in conjuction with your desired podcasting software.

How do I see all the past episodes of your podcasts?
Once you susbcribe to a podcast the most recent episode will be downloaded to your computer. However, since podcasting is a subscription service, you can download the archive of podcasts. You will need to manually select and download these.

When using iTunes all I see is the most recent episode, how do I see older ones?
There is an arrow next to the podcast, which is pointing to the right. If you click on that arrow, the arrow will rotate so it is pointing down, and all the past episodes will be displayed.

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