(video) Man to sell house for reward money to find his lost dog
Diann Hodges

BEAUMONT, Texas – A couple north of Beaumont is so desperate to find their dog, they’re trying to sell their home to raise $50,000 in reward money.

All they want is to bring home their dog, which is named Sir, reported KFDM.com.

Sir’s owner, Charlie Parker, said his chocolate lab disappeared in September, and he’s searched every day since then with no luck.

Now he’s hoping the big money will lead to the return of his beloved pet.

“Me and my wife have never had any children, and I guess that dog is maybe replacement for a child,” said Parker. “We had him for five years, and I got all those memories, but we just want some more. We’re greedy. We just want another day and other week another month another year.”

The parkers said five-year old Sir is their baby.

He was last seen Sept. 15 outside his home in Warren.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Parkers at 409-200-6008


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