Giuliani: ‘Trump Can Pardon Himself’, Cap Metro Unveils New Bus Routes, City Council Votes to Fight Opioid Crisis, and Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Cake | June 4, 2018

Cake with Two Grooms

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Hour one of the Todd and Don Show:  

• Austin has made the top 5 on the list for Amazon HQ 2

• Rudy Giuliani says President Trump can possibly stop the Russia Investigation and could pardon himself

• NYC is proposing a law to allow parents to not identify their children as male or female at birth, but rather as gender X

Hour two of the Todd and Don Show:

• Bill Clinton says if the President was a Democrat, the Russia Investigation would have already been wrapped up

• Capital Metro is unveiling new bus routes to aid in increasing ridership

•A woman shot and killed her husband because he beat her cat

Hour three of the Todd and Don Show:

• Austin City Council has voted to increase treatment and prevention for opioid usage and overdoses

• VIRAL VIDEO: A 4yr girl was cheered on to jump from a diving board at Barton Springs

-Off-duty FBI agent accidentally shoots man while dancing and doing a backflip at bar in Denver

• A family attending an antique cars and planes show at the San Marcos Regional Airport were scared when a gun demonstration was conducted which the family says was not announced ahead of time

Hour four of the Todd and Don Show:

• Austin Public Safety commission is meeting tonight. One of the topics, trying to end homelessness in Austin

• Open Carry Texas was vocal over the weekend about their criticism of Governor Greg Abbott’s recent school safety proposal

• TECH NEWS: Apple is set to launch new software and preview a new iPhone at their annual event

– It’s been revealed Facebook has been providing data to the large Phone Companies for the past 10 years

– A flying car is being tested in Israel to eventually be produced for consumers

• The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Colorado Baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple

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