Austin commission recommends not prosecuting prostitution crimes

Woman in cuffs

Austin’s Human Rights commission is recommending council approve ignoring another law. 

The Commission’s Nathan White explained they approved, a recommendation that would see APD stop arresting…and direct the DA’s office to stop prosecuting, so called sex workers. “Sex work is very specifically an individual, of their own volition, deciding to exchange sexual services for cash or money or some other resource.”

White said he doesn’t support prostitution but adds, if you want people to stop, you should make it easier for them to get a different job, and an arrest record doesn’t help. 

Despite the approval, White emphasizes this will not legalize any activity. “We are not legalizing it…it is still something the police would be able to intervene for.” However if passed by council if an officer did Pursue these cases it would be a wasted effort as they would not be prosecuted.

White explained efforts like this, will help direct law enforcement to focus more on violent crime rather than non-violent like low level marijuana possession and prostitution. 


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