Obama era Homelessness expert to get $95k contract with Austin

ATX City Hall

The City of Austin will start working out a $95,000 deal for Obama Era Homeless consultant, Matthew Doherty.

Some of Austin’s homeless were not to happy with that. Believing the city could better use that money in another way. Deborah Nugent live at the Salvation army Shelter, she too disagrees with brining on another consultant. “We don’t need to outsource someone to come in and help with homelessness. We as a community can do it by bringing together churches, resources, and organizations to house the homeless.”
In that spirit, Mayor Steve Adler tells the city manager he wants to resume converting motels into shelters, but voted for the contract along with a majority of council.

That is despite some major concerns by Councilmember Leslie Pool AND those like District 9 resident Brian Thorton are worried Doherty wont be able to meet the city’s needs because of projects he is already undertaking and his location. Thorton explained, “We seem to be hiring a patchwork of high paid consultants. One of whom at issue seems to have another contract with the state of California and is potentially going to be operating out of Washington D.C.”

(Photo:Shutterstock/Brandon Seidel)

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