Travis County rents are straining more people’s budgets


Cost-of-living burdens remain high in Travis County.  Citing results of the latest American Community Survey, Travis County Planner April Klein said that cost burden is highest among renters, “Almost one half or 47{472691d8feebf3ac64f7dec0cb5f0f1f1cf9d019c0758432a0b0b7afca6d4a7c} of renter households spend 30{472691d8feebf3ac64f7dec0cb5f0f1f1cf9d019c0758432a0b0b7afca6d4a7c} or more of their income on housing costs. Compared to only 23{472691d8feebf3ac64f7dec0cb5f0f1f1cf9d019c0758432a0b0b7afca6d4a7c} of owners.”
She explained, 22{472691d8feebf3ac64f7dec0cb5f0f1f1cf9d019c0758432a0b0b7afca6d4a7c} of renters spend more than 50{472691d8feebf3ac64f7dec0cb5f0f1f1cf9d019c0758432a0b0b7afca6d4a7c} of their income on housing.  Between 2014 and 2018, the number of renter-occupied units climbed by 10{472691d8feebf3ac64f7dec0cb5f0f1f1cf9d019c0758432a0b0b7afca6d4a7c}. Travis County’s median rental rate of $1162 is also higher than the state or national average.


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