Travis County Halts Property Tax Lawsuits

The Travis County Tax Office will temporarily announced Monday it will stop taking any new legal action against peopel with delinquent property taxes. However, state penalties and interest continues to accrue on what delinquent taxpayers owe.

“We realize COVID-19 has upended everyone’s life,” said Bruce Elfant, Travis County’s tax assessorcollector.  “This is a time of extreme financial uncertainty, and we understand that filing delinquent tax lawsuits and conducting foreclosure sales would place an even bigger burden on these county residents so we are temporarily suspending our collection efforts.”

Texas state law does not allow tax assessor-collectors to waive penalties and interest on delinquent property taxes.  Elfant warns that unless the state provides a waiver, penalties and interest continues to accrue on delinquent payments.  For that reason, Elfant encourages anyone who can to continue making their property tax payments.

“Don’t forget paying your property taxes is how we keep the county, cities, schools, hospitals and emergency personnel operating,” Elfant said.

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