Austin ISD expects $49.3M budget shortfall


The Austin school district assesses its finances heading into new budget talks and it is not looking good.

AISD said there will be a “major financial upheaval” for the 2020-21 year. Chief of Business and Operations Nicole Conley-Johnson told the School Board the covid crisis landed squarely in their laps and they are trying to understand its full impacts.  She said a preliminary look at the next year’s budget shows a gap of $49.3-million.

Conley-Johnson said there are alot of unknowns, including enrollment which is the biggest driver of revenue, “I couldn’t try to even begin to contemplate what our enrollment might look like.”

AISD has lost nearly $8-million directly because of coronavirus.  And this comes as AISD’s expenditures will increase to around $1.47-billion for the next year’s cycle.

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