Abbott Clears the Way for Phase 3 of Texas Reopening

Governor Greg Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott is moving into Phase 3 of his plan to kickstart the state economy, allowing most industries to increase their overall customer capacity.

Effective immediately, the governor’s order allows businesses currently operating with 25% capacity to bump up to 50%.  That increase capacity also includes Texas bars, with the stipulation that all patrons must remain seated.  Also effective immediately, restaurants can seat up to ten people to a table.  Previously, table sizes were limited to six.

Starting June 12th, phase 3 allows restaurants to start operating at 75% capacity.

The order also provides churches, temples, mosques and other houses of worship with their own discretion to determine capacity, along with day care centers, too.

Abbott said via Twitter the state now leads the nation in COVID-19 recoveries, and saw the smallest number of hospitalizations within the past six weeks on Wednesday.

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