Ft. Hood Army Sargent ID’d in deadly protest shooting

The driver involved in the shooting death of Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster has been identified by lawyers in the case as Daniel Perry, 33. An active duty Army Sargent down from Ft.Hood.

Perry’s lawyers say he was driving in downtown Austin that Saturday night as a rideshare driver and was unaware of the protest rally until he happened upon it. They say, Perry’s vehicle was then battered by the protesters.

Lawyers say that’s when Foster came in and motioned with his AK47 style rifle, for Perry to lower his window, and it is claimed Foster also raised his rifle at Perry. Perry, who carries gun for protection while working as rideshare driver, then raised his and fired, striking and killing Foster.

Other accounts of that deadly night claim Perry drove aggressively into the crowd of protesters, alleging he incited the violence.

Perry is cooperating with investigators.

APD is asking anyone who was there, or who has footage of the incident to come forward.

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