More Challenges to Abbott’s Ballot Drop-Off Order

On Monday, the Anti-Defamation League’s Austin, Southwest, and Texoma Regions, Common Cause Texas, and an individual Texas voter filed suit to block Texas Governor Greg Abbott from limiting counties across the state to a single ballot drop-off location. The plaintiffs argue that this order – which Governor Abbott issued on October 1 – exceeds his authority and would make it unreasonably difficult for eligible Texans to use ballot by mail.  

“The state of Texas should be working to ensure safe and accessible voting for all Texans,” said Cheryl Drazin, vice president of the Anti-Defamation League’s Central Division. “The governor’s order does the opposite. Limiting the number of drop-off sites available to absentee voters reduces the options Texans have to participate in the 2020 election without risking their health.”  

The suit argues that the limit on drop-off sites exceeds Governor Abbott’s authority and places an unconstitutional burden on Texans who are eligible to cast absentee ballots, particularly in geographically large counties. With one drop-off location per county, many voters would have to travel significant distances and spend substantial amounts of time to cast their ballots, the suit claims.

The state’s early voting period begins on October 13. 

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