Austin Heath leaders don’t support Trick or Treating

Austin Public Health releases recommendations for this Halloween, and they do not want families out Trick or Treating.

Austin area Health Authority Dr. Mark Escott would rather you stay home and safe for the whole rest of the holiday season, “our celebrations right now should involve the members of our household and that’s it.” To make that easier on families who still want to celebrate Halloween APD suggests families hide candy around the home, or use a pinata. If being sociable is a must, host a digital meet up with costumes and contests.

But if you must hand out candy this year they note, this is an increase in risk, but suggest keeping social distancing in mind by making little candy bags and then lining them up at the end of your lawn or driveway for kids to pick up.

For parents of kids that do go out, APH adds, it would be best if you quarantine the candy for up to two days before letting your kids dig in, that way if the virus did make it onto the wrappers, it will die off.

Austin Public Health Halloween Recommendations:

APH Halloween recommendations Trick r Treat or

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