Hays County, San Marcos Impose New Gathering Limit

Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra has issued an order limiting all gatherings to no more than ten people. The move comes as neighboring cities are beginning to make similar decisions to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier in the week, San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson prohibited public or private community gatherings of 50 persons or more anywhere within the city limits, but has since signed a new order to correspond that that of the county. That new order also adds new closures regarding common dining areas at food establishments, as well as bars, and is in effect until April 1, 2020.

“San Marcos is coordinating and collaborating with the Hays County Health Department, which is following the guidelines and protocols from The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which were adjusted again early today,” Mayor Jane Hughson said. “This is a rapidly changing and fluid situation. We are diligently working with our local, regional and state partners to enact decisions that make the most sense and help protect the public.”

She added that her decision to issue a new 15-day Order stemmed from newly revised guidelines enacted by the CDC, following new Whitehouse guidelines issued Monday, Mar. 16, that more strictly limit people’s interactions.

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