Trio of Austin Teens Arrested in Violent Robbery Series

Three teens have been arrested by the Austin Police Department in connection to a series of violent crimes that include robbery by assault, aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, assault, and auto theft.  In most of the cases, the teens would approach their victims, assault them, point guns at them, and rob them of their belongings and vehicle.  In at least one incident, children were in a car that was stolen and the teens allegedly pulled them out and left them in a parking lot.

The crimes happened between September 16 and September 22.  The accused teens are between the ages of 14 and 15.

According to police, a Violent Crimes Task Force member was conducting surveillance when he observed a black sedan driving recklessly. The officer pulled the vehicle over and recognized it as one of the vehicles used in at least one of the crimes committed. The officer discovered the suspects fit the description given by the victims.

During the investigative process on these juveniles, body-worn camera video linked them to another case on September 18th, 2022. In this case, a concerned citizen called 911 to report a group of people hitting a homeless person. This investigation is ongoing regarding further charges and more suspects.

The APD Robbery Unit would like to remind the community to be vigilant of their surroundings at all times, especially in parking lots. Please lock your doors when in your vehicle and call 911 if you see any suspicious activity.

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